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  • 5 String Furniture

    What happens when you are following a dream only to realize it is the wrong one? In this episode of JET Masters, we learn how Jeff Estes put down his guitar to pursue his true calling as a woodworker. Born from that passion is the story of 5 String Furniture.

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    Vivian Beer

    Vivian Beer is a furniture designer/maker based in New England. Her sleek, abstracted metal and concrete furniture combines contemporary design, craft, and sculpture creating objects that alter expectations of and interface with our domestic landscape.

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    Eagle Ranch is one of Georgia's largest children's programs designed to help make life better for children and families going through a crisis. Eagle Ranch's integrated approach is built on proven principles that models home life, emphasizes education, and incorporates multi-faceted counseling.

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    Jeb Greenstone founded Cutworm Specialties Inc. in 2006. Driven by Jeb's passion for designing and manufacturing custom hot rods, every Cutworm hot rod is custom scratch built.

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