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Ranging from 3/8 inch to 1-1/2 inches, JET's Impact Wrenches feature a full line offering that can withstand rigorous applications in both the industrial and automotive environments.

Impact Hammer Technologies

Every JET® air tool reflects our commitment to delivering innovative tools that work as hard as you do. An impact wrench delivers thousands of blows and selecting the tool with the right hammer mechanism for your application is key to a more durable, longer lasting tool. JET’s Impact Wrench line offers several different impact technologies to best suit a wide range of applications.


Twin Hammer impact mechanism technology provides instantaneous, balanced torque that delivers more power per pound while being less sensitive to air pressure fluctuations. The easily maintained, durable design is excellent for heavy-duty.


Single hammer impact mechanism provides smooth power and torque from a reliable mechanism designed for medium to heavy-duty applications.


Pin clutch impact mechanism provides smooth bolt starting and balanced impacts for medium-duty applications.

Impact Wrench Torque

JET Impact Wrenches range from 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches with torque ratings from 75 ft-lbs to 3400 ft-lbs. See the chart below to find the tool that best fits your torque requirements.

Performance Classifications


  • Composite housing improves balance and reduces weight
  • Patented, Twin Hammer impact mechanism improves durability while delivering balanced power
  • Patented, one-hand forward/reverse switch design
  • Four-position speed selection with full reverse power


  • Standard Twin Hammer impact mechanism delivers balanced power
  • Ergonomically designed grip absorbs vibration and reduces hand fatigue
  • Lightweight aluminum construction reduces weight
  • Easily adjustable, 3-position forward power setting


  • Single Hammer or Pin Clutch impact mechanisms
  • Lightweight aluminum construction reduces weight
  • One-hand forward/reverse button for adjustments
R12 Impact Wrenches

R12 Impact Wrenches

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R8 Impact Wrenches

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R6 Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches

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